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Introducing the 2020 EZONE 100L (285g). Like it's predecessor, this racquet takes the lively and spin-friendly precision of the standard EZONE 100 (300g) and puts it into a lighter, faster package. In addition to being a great option for the intermediate player, this speedy racquet should also help the dedicated beginner rise to the next level. For this generation, Yonex has not only redesigned the beam's cross-section for greater stability and comfort, it has also made the hitting area slightly wider for an even more responsive and luxurious feel.

Introducing the EZONE 105! New to the EZONE franchise, this racquet is designed for beginner and intermediate players.  It should also work for the savvy doubles player who is looking for a speedy option. With its 105in² head,  the EZONE 105 is more forgiving and powerful than a standard midplus racquet, but it still offers enough control and spin to place the ball effectively. At 10.2 ounces strung this racquet not only moves into position with remarkable ease, it also enables you to swing faster when more pace and spin are needed.  Like other members of the 2020 EZONE family, this racquet benefits from a Liner Tech system which reduces string on frame friction for extra comfort and power.

For 2020 Yonex makes big changes to the EZONE 108 but keeps the speed, comfort and power of previous generations. Like its predecessors, this stick features the largest and most luxurious head size in the EZONE family. It also packs an extended 27.25" length for added power on groundies and serves. Factor in the  light weight and you have the perfect tool for those who are learning the game. The EZONE 108 should also appeal to intermediates or savvy doubles players who want an oversize racquet with impressive speed.

Yonex adds another chapter to the EZONE 98 (305g), one of the game's most user-friendly modern player's racquets. Endorsed by Nick Kyrgios, the EZONE 98 not only packs impressive spin and precision, it also has better touch and feel than many of its competitors. For 2020, Yonex has redesigned the beam for greater stability and made the hitting area slightly wider for an even more forgiving response. 

With the EZONE Tour, Yonex adds a heavier model to the EZONE line!  Ideal for experienced players, this near 12 ounce racquet strung not only does a great job redirecting higher levels of pace, it also delivers the needed mass to drive the ball powerfully through court. For 2020 Yonex has redesigned the beam for greater stability and made the hitting area slightly wider for an even more forgiving response.

The Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 is a softer playing poly string. This one is very, very spin-friendly. Power players will love the control and feel they get from all areas of the court. A solid, durable string that is a great choice for aggressive, big hitting players.

The Yonex Poly Tour Spin comes in a pentagonal shape for superior access to spin. The five sided string puts extra bite on the ball, increasing spin potential. The low powered precision is ideal for big hitters looking for control as well as spin.

Originally launched in 2011, the VCORE 100 continues to evolve for the modern game. With its lively and spin-friendly response, this racquet is great for playing aggressive tennis. At 10.8 ounces, the VCORE 100 is weighted for intermediate players, but it should also appeal to the more advanced ball striker in the market for speed. In addition to widening the head above the 3/9 axis (where most players make ball contact), this 2021 update has a lower stiffness rating than the previous two generations, giving it better feedback than its predecessors. 

Yonex adds another chapter to one of their most surgical player's racquets. It's called the VCORE 95 and it has been reengineered with a new beam construction and material technology. With its compact head, sub-325 swingweight and moderate stiffness level, this stick combines the traditional virtues of control and feel with impressive levels of speed and spin. In addition to getting updated with a slightly thicker, more powerful beam, Yonex has widened the racquet's head north of the 3/9 o'clock axis, resulting in a more powerful and spin-friendly hitting experience.

Experienced players looking for a spin-friendly weapon with outstanding feel should love this update to the VCORE 98. In addition to providing more control than the VCORE 100, this stick has a tad more mass, resulting in greater stability when plowing through the ball. For 2021 Yonex re-engineers the beam, giving it a thicker cross-section in the head for added power and stability. Yonex has also widened the upper portion of the hitting area, making for a more spin-friendly and responsive contact zone.

This is a square shaped string with two flat surfaces, mains/crosses, in contact with each other give extra durability, no notching and the string returns very quickly from any movement after hitting the ball. It measures 1.20mm across the flat sides and therefore plays like a much thinner string increasing power and control.